wonderwoman3Hitting Blu-ray and DVD September 19, Wonder Woman was a box office smash that amassed over $400 million in the U.S. and turned Gal Gadot into an international star.

One of the film’s brighter comedic moments came from Lucy Davis, who had a scene stealing (yet brief) supporting role as Diana’s (Gadot) new associate Etta Candy. The exclusive Blu-ray extra “Epilogue: Etta’s Mission” will feature an entirely new adventure that features Diana’s team (no word if the actually special feature is a deleted Etta scene from the movie or if it was made exclusively for the Blu–ray release.

Though the DVD doesn’t come with the “Etta” addition, it shares all of the Blu-rays other special features which include:

1. Crafting The Wonder – An in-depth look from director Patty Jenkins as she explores different filmmaking aspects of Wonder Woman. The mini-featurettes, all with the subheading of “A Director’s Vision,” are titled “Themyscira: The Hidden Island,” “Beach Battle,” “A Photograph Through Time,” “Diana in the Modern World,” “Wonder Woman At War.”

2. Warriors of Wonder Woman – A look at the creation of the Amazon army featured in the flick.

3. The Trinity – A look at the history of Wonder Woman and her impact on the DC Universe.

4. The Wonder Behind The Camera – Insight on the women behind the making of Wonder Woman and how they welcome a group of aspiring filmmakers onto the set for a unique experience.

5. Find the Wonder Woman – Award winning poets and public figures discuss how Wonder Woman has influenced their lives.

6. Extended Scenes and Blooper Reel

Did you love Wonder Woman and are you excited for its Blu-ray release? Feel free to comment below!

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Posted by: Greg Srisavasdi