Remember the time you simply used a phone to call someone? The Emoji Movie is obviously inspired by our love of using emojis on our respective smartphones. Whether it’s the poop or the fist-pump symbol, emojis are simply here to stay.

T.J. Miller (Silicon Valley, Deadpool) is Gene, a malfunctioning emoji who has more than one reaction or feeling in his system. The higher ups are trying to place him in his little box, and although Gene wants to fit in with the crowd, his uniqueness stands out amidst the fray.

“It’s just a really solid, good, funny, heartwarming animated film,” said Miller. “It’s so good – and the pacing I just really loved. I really think it’s especially in films now especially (family driven movies) to move. The motion picture needs to have motion to it – and this is that . . . by the time (The Emoji Movie) it’s over you kind of believe that it’s done and you’ve been laughing the entire time.”

Click on the media bar below to hear T.J. Miller talk about the “inside joke” elements of The Emoji Movie.

The Emoji Movie is now playing nationwide. co-starring Maya Rudolph and Patrick Stewart, is now playing nationwide.

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Posted by: Greg Srisavasdi