Baseball enthusiasts have probably grown up collecting Topps cards as a way to support their respective teams and favorite players. Diehard collectors obviously purchase baseball cards for investment purposes, hoping a respective card or pack will earn them a sizable profit in the future. Topps MLB Bunt 2017, now available via the App Store and Google Play Store, is a digital card trading card app merges the love of card collecting and gaming.

This free to lay title gives players a random combination of 5 cards face down which includes strikes, foul balls, and balls. Every round has players revealing three cards by dragging them to the batter’s box and receiving coins for each hit. Huge coin payouts are given to Grand Slams, along with a player’s tendency to gamble by playing on without striking out (if one strikes out, their winnings are erased). The amount of digital card packs a player can open each day is based on their daily amount of coins amassed.

Do you still collect baseball cards or have you entirely switched to mobile gaming for your card fixations? Feel free to comment below!!

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Posted by: Greg Srisavasdi