thorragnarok1Though the first two Thor films were well received and box office hits, they are not exactly considered as the best movies Marvel has to offer. Expectations have been immeasurably heightened with the teaser trailer release of Thor: Ragnarok, probably thanks to its not subtle Guardians of the Galaxy vibe.

That being said, kudos to director Taika Waititi for showcasing Chris Hemsworth’s comedic abilities with this Thor installment, and maybe this time around the hammer wielding god won’t play second fiddle to Loki (Tom Hiddleston).

Cate Blanchett looks terrific and terrifying as Hela, the goddess of death who seemingly lays waste to Asgard (and Mjölnir!), and it’s great to know that Idris Elba is back as the underutilized Heimdall (hopefully Elba has more scenes this time around).

Valkyrie, one of my favorite characters from the Marvel Universe, is also part of the film, and hopefully Thompson nails the part. A former member of The Defenders (she’s not part of the group in the upcoming Netflix series), Valkyrie is known for her warrior skills and mettle. Hopefully Valkyrie gets her chance to shine in a sea of crowded superheroes (including the Hulk!) and villains.

If you haven’t checked out the teaser, it’s a great one with the promise of a wonderful showdown at the end.

Thor: Ragnarok opens November 3rd nationwide!

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Posted by: Greg Srisavasdi