atomica14In the near future set Atomica, Sarah Habel (Riverdale) is Abby Dixon, a principled safety inspector who travels to a nuclear plant power plant that has somehow gone off the grid. A loner and workaholic at heart, Abby is the type of person who’ll do the job while everyone’s safe at home resting. Although that’s a great quality in a person, her latest task carries a potentially dangerous outcome. Tom Sizemore and Dominic Monaghan play the two power plant employees who each have a special connection to the plant.

Directed by Dagen Merrill, the film was shot on an indie budget but still managed to score an excellent location.

“It was a super cool experience,” said Habel, who was also a cast member on the TV series Rush. “It was like an indie, but with everyone who had all of the best intentions and was ready to party. The simplicity of the three-hander (construct) was great and we just scored in the biggest way possible by getting the location we got it was so creepy in there. It was three levels below ground in an abandoned silo. It was forty degrees in there and there were bats flying around. It was the creepiest, most enormous, sprawling, cool set ever.”

One of Atomica’s strongest aspects is its uncompromising approach to Abby’s journey. Caught between the two men with opposing viewpoints, Abby must make her own decision, with a final outcome that, while being sci-fi driven, is also grounded in truth.

“I was on board when I saw the nature of this character that was so different from me as a person,” said Habel. “Just being part of a film that doesn’t have that goes in unexpected directions is a huge blessing.”

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Atomica opens in select theaters March 17 and hits Digital HD and VOD March 21.

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Posted by: Greg Srisavasdi