NUP_177142_0075.JPGBefore there was Samuel L. Jackson, there was Action Jackson. And the star of that ’80s kitsch classic was none other than Carl Weathers.  After making his name playing Apollo Creed in the Rocky movies, Weathers became one of Hollywood’s go-to guys in the action genre, taking roles in movies like Force 10 From Navarone, Death Hunt, and Predator.

These days, he’s not doing much running, jumping, shooting or fighting, as he’s got himself a pretty good gig as State’s Attorney Mark Jefferies on NBC’s Chicago Justice. But while he’s found a home on TV, a couple of his old movie franchises have been reborn. Creed didn’t bring back his Rocky character (after all, he was killed during Rocky IV), but was about the son who followed in his footsteps as a fighter.  And there’s a new Predator movie being made, due to be released next February.  There are some actors who get territorial about their old movies, especially when they aren’t involved in the reboots.  Is Carl Weathers one of those actors?

You can watch Weathers on Chicago Justice, Sunday nights at 9/8c on NBC.

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Posted by: Susan Brown