FIST FIGHTCharlie Day and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia director Richie Keen continue their collaboration with Fist Fight, a comedy centering on a straight-laced English teacher (Day) who gets into an altercation with the school’s toughest instructor (Ice Cube).

Though the film is a comedy whose laughter centers on the impending brawl between Day and Cube, the picture also has a subtle message amidst the laughter.

“With a movie like this, it’s hard to have that message and not have it ring corny or untrue,” says Cube. “It was cool to have a movie like Fist Fight where you have two teachers fighting each other but this undercurrent of the real reason why. It’s over philosophies in education. That fight is probably going on in schools today. There are guys that probably want to be more “Trump” on the students and there are probably want to be more “Obama” on the students. That battle is real and for us to find that within this movie and make sure we touch on it was important.”

Click on the media bar to hear Ice Cube talk about why he wanted to work with Day on Fist Fight.

Fist Fight opens nationwide February 17.

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Posted by: Greg Srisavasdi