Why Is Jimmy Kimmel Hosting The Oscars? Even He Doesn’t Know!

145621_0264r1-400x533Hosting a successful late-night TV show has its perks, as Jimmy Kimmel has discovered.  Every so often, they’ll throw an interesting freelance gig your way — like hosting an awards show.  So far, the host of ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live has handled the American Music Awards and the Emmy Awards. But those were just a prelude to the biggest show of all: He’s been tapped to host the 89th Academy Awards next month.

When it comes to the Oscars, both critics and fans are notoriously hard to please.  Even if the host does a good job, all it takes is a bad production number or a couple of bad jokes, and people will think the show was horrible.  (And when that happens, who’s the first to get blames?  Why, the host, of course!)  So why would Kimmel subject himself to Oscar-level scrutiny?  He told us he’s still not entirely sure! (Click on the media bar below to hear Jimmy Kimmel)

This year’s Oscars telecast will air February 26 on ABC.

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Monster Slayer Toukiden 2 Hits PlayStation 4 In March


Fans of the original installment were waiting on bated breath for a follow up, and now Toukiden 2 hits the U.S. March 21 on PlayStation 4, PC, and the PS Vita. Since Vita enthusiasts these days are a select group, credit goes to Koei Tecmo America for still creating titles for this underrated platform.

The plotline behind Toukiden 2 centers on a lone Slayer who years ago was swallowed up into a portal that was opened by a giant demon. Now this mysterious slayer is back in Mahoroba Village to save humanity from the demon like creatures known as the Oni. Helping him in his quest is a professor, a machina with a human soul, a British sword and shield master, thief, and the town’s strongest slayer.

One of the attack styles I’m looking forward to employing is the professor created Demon Hand which enables players to land blows from the air and pummel Oni onto the ground.

Check out the action packed trailer below and tell us what you think!

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Matthew McConaughey Is Worth His Weight (211 Pounds!) In “Gold”


Gold, writer/director Stephen Gaghan’s first film since Traffic, centers on an energetic and somewhat foolhardy prospector named Kenny Wells (Matthew McConaughey) who’s on a desperate search for gold in Indonesia. Edgar Ramirez co-stars as his partner in crime on their ambitious venture to strike it rich and Bryce Dallas Howard is Kenny’s long suffering girlfriend.

The usually fit McConaughey gained weight for the role, checking into the production at 211 pounds. Though the actor’s manifold acting skills (as best exemplified in True Detective) is a sight to behold, his desire to push his physical abilities in such films as Dallas Buyers Club and Gold is also commendable.

“Kenny’s a guy who has liquid lunch and liquid dinners a lot,” says McConaughey. “He kind of left himself go but he has a huge amount of energy. So I started and gave myself the pleasure of saying ‘you can eat (and drink) whatever you want whenever you want for four months. Go for it.'”

Click on the media bar to hear McConaughey talk about why Gold was on his radar once he read the script.

Gold opens nationwide Friday, January 27.

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Outbreak on the Big Screen: Split, Predator, A Woman of No Importance + More

sega_theatres_movie_theatre_screenWould it be an M. Night Shyamalan film without a twist? As fans who saw the film Split over the weekend now know, the movie lives in the same universe as one of the director’s other movies. In an interview with Empire, the director revealed that he’s already started an outline, hoping that Split would do well enough to warrant a sequel that would potentially tie the two worlds even more together. The film opened to over $40 million at the box office this past weekend.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Room charmer Jacob Tremblay has been cast in the upcoming reboot of Predator from director Shane Black. Tremblay will play the son of Boyd Holbrook, who is set to star in the film. The movie has also cast Sterling K. Brown, Keegan-Michael Key, Trevante Rhodes and Olivia Munn, while Thomas Jane is also said to be in negotiations to join the cast. The movie will start shooting in Vancouver next month

According to Deadline, Paramount Pictures has reportedly acquired the rights to the Sonia Purnell book, A Woman of No Importance, and will be making it into a film featuring Star WarsDaisy Ridley. The book tells the story of American heiress and super spy Virginia Hall, who attempted to break into the ranks of the American Foreign Service before World War II. Rejected due to gender and a disability, Hall turned her attention to working for British Intelligence, and later joined the OSS.

Naomie Harris has found her next role. Harris, nominated for an Oscar for her role in Moonlight, will join the cast of the new Dwayne Johnson-starring film Rampage, which is based on the ’80s video game. The film centers on three creatures who wreak havoc on North America, with Johnson starring as the film’s hero and Harris appearing as a geneticist with a moral code. The movie is penciled in for an April 2018 release.

Bates Motel favorite Vera Farmiga is joining with Jonathan Majors and Colson Baker (aka Machine Gun Kelly) in the upcoming sci-fi flick, Captive State. According to Deadline, Rupert Wyatt will direct the movie, which also stars John Goodman and Ashton Sanders. The film is set in a Chicago neighborhood nearly a decade after occupation by an extra-terrestrial force, looking at the lives of those on both sides of the conflict.

Break on the TV Beat: Brent Musburger, The Middle, X-Men + More

140346_group-900x750A broadcasting legend is set to step down. ESPN has announced that Brent Musburger will call his final game on Jan. 31, doing play-by-play for the Georgia-Kentucky college basketball matchup. Musburger’s career took off in the ’70s as he anchored the CBS NFL pre-game show. After being let go by CBS, he was quickly scooped up by ABC Sports and has transitioned into a role with the affiliated ESPN as well.

Want more of The Middle? Your wish is granted as TV Line reports that the long running ABC sitcom has been picked up for a ninth season. The Middle moved to Tuesdays this year and has given the network its most watched sitcom in the time slot in five years.

X-Men are invading the small screen. While many are aware of the upcoming Legion series for FX, Fox has also reportedly ordered an untitled Marvel action-adventure series from former Burn Notice chief Matt Nix. According to The Wrap, the show will center on a family who have a child with mutant powers and are forced to go on the run and team up with an underground collective of mutants in order to survive.

Everything old is new again! Netflix has announced plans to bring back the former Bravo series Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. According to EW, the reimagined series aims to move to the Big Apple with plans to “turn the Red States pink one makeover at a time.”

NBC has given a pilot order to a big screen update of the 1991 film What About Bob? However TV Line reports that there is a twist with the central characters being female and the sitcom being titled What About Barb? The film featured Bill Murray as a clingy psychiatric patient who worms his way into his doctor’s [Richard Dreyfuss] family vacation. No word yet on casting.