space25In The Space Between Us, Asa Butterfield plays Gardner, the first human to be born on Mars. His astronaut mother (Janet Montgomery) died after giving birth, and now Gardner’s determined to find the whereabouts of his father on Earth. Britt Robertson plays our protagonist’s best friend Tulsa, a youth who helps him on the journey.

The tech savvy Butterfield (he custom built his last PC), who also starred in the 2013 feature Ender’s Game, is excited about the idea of a life on Mars.

“I am interested in it,” says Butterfield. “I like science fiction. I am a technologically up to date person. I like seeing what the new developments are. Aside from that, going to Mars is the next logical step. I’m still hopeful that we’ll come up with some sort of way to try and help the s**t storm we stirred for ourselves. As long as technology is advancing, we should theoretically come up with a solution. If we don’t, we’re all screwed and we need to go to Mars.”

Click on the media to hear Asa Butterfield talk about whether or not he’ll attend college and why he’s “winging it” at the moment:

The Space Between Us opens Friday, February 3.

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Posted by: Greg Srisavasdi