Carving out a successful career in the entertainment industry is a seemingly impossible t ask, but composer/musician Megan Cavallari has managed to, with a ton of determination and skill, achieve her goals. Cavallari is currently writing songs for the feature musical Jacob Marley and she scored and penned the title song for Hernan Baragan’s film Cancer Rebellion.

One could surmise that growing up in Philadelphia, where she learned to love hockey, is one reason for her success and continued perseverance in a fickle industry. Working with such composers as Danny Elfman (for eight movies), Jerry Goldsmith, and Edward Shearmur also has put her in good stead.

During our conversation, Cavallari talked about how her connection to hockey helped her become a driven yet open collaborator. “In hockey, you have to have your line,” said Cavallari, whose early love of music was immediately heightened after listening to Leonard Bernstein’s West Side Story. “Your line is the thing that keeps you going . . . My line in composition are my directors, producers, showrunners, assistants, orchestrators, mixers, copyists, (and) my intern. Everybody is working just so hard for me and these are just amazing people . . . We have to make it work. Whether it’s a song or a score, it has to be amazing.”

Click on the media bar below to hear Megan Cavallari explain why, even in the midst of a huge workload, she is grateful to be a working composer. (She also mentions Elfman, Goldsmith, and Shearmur in the clip).

For more info on Megan Cavallari’s music, check out her official site and take a listen to her score for Cancer Rebellion below:

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Posted by: Greg Srisavasdi