Opening in select theaters July 29, Gleason centers on former NFL defensive back Steve Gleason’s battle with ALS. Upon receiving the news, Gleason also learns that his wife Michel is pregnant and immediately decides to tape video messages to his son Rivers for posterity. Throughout the documentary we also witness Steve and Michel’s hard work in forming the foundation Team Gleason (which provides help to ALS patients), Gleason’s complicated and loving relationship with his own father, and Michel’s monumental responsibility in raising their son and providing care for her husband.

“I am not that strong all the time,” said Michel Varisco. “That’s not shown in the documentary. It’s hard to be looked at as strong when I really have my moments of complete weakness as well.”

Click on the media bar to hear Michel Varisco humorously describe herself as “the giving tree” as Gleason director Clay Tweel talks about a specific moment in the documentary.

Gleason is also covered on this week’s “180 Seconds or Less” segment on CinemAddicts, and for more info on Team Gleason and the documentary, please click here.

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Posted by: Greg Srisavasdi