For Russell Crowe, Risk Requires Trusting His Instincts

TNG_Day#44_01272015-363.dngRussell Crowe is one of the most versatile and acclaimed actors working in films today. Throughout his career, the actor has gambled taking on various roles that some would have questioned.. Part of being an actor is taking gambles, something that Crowe has had to do since coming to the United States from Australia, and taking roles such as playing John Nash in A Beautiful Mind which garnered him an Academy Award for Best Actor. In 2014, he starred and directed his epic passion project The Water Diviner, which co-starred Olga Kurylenko.

Russell Crowe currently stars in the action comedy The Nice Guys, which co-stars Ryan Gosling and is in theaters now.

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Greta Gerwig On ‘Maggie’s Plan’ And Joys of Acting


Now playing in New York and Los Angeles, Maggie’s Plan centers on Maggie Hardin (Greta Gerwig), a New Yorker who wants to have a child of her own. Though she has a sperm donor (Travis Fimmel) in place, her schedule takes a left turn after she falls in love with a married anthropology professor named John (Ethan Hawke). Bill Hader plays Maggie’s judgmental but supportive best friend, with Julianne Moore co-staring as John’s career driven spouse, whose life in academia has put a damper on their union.

Written and directed by Rebecca Miller (The Private Lives of Pippa Lee), Maggie’s Plan is a romantic comedy that should appeal to movie fans who dig Woody Allen and Noah Baumbach’s (Mistress America, Frances Ha) Big Apple driven movies.

“You can’t make a movie in New York about intellectuals and not have Woody somewhere peering over your shoulder,” said Miller. “When I was growing, I think the first real contact I had with Woody Allen was watching Annie Hall and I identified with Annie Hall so much at that time (laughs). So yeah, I loved that movie. For this film, I studied more 1940s sort of screwball romantic comedies (like) His Girl Friday, The Philadelphia Story and Preston Sturges’ films. That was a little bit more of what I was looking at in terms of models, but then again – I’m sure – he looked at those too.”

Click on the media bar below to hear Greta Gerwig talk about Maggie’s “inner truth” and “honesty” (Miller can be heard laughing at the end of the clip).


Maggie’s Plan opens in wider release this Friday.

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‘Dirty Grandpa’ Is Spring Break Madness With Robert De Niro & Zac Efron


Thanks to the Meet The Parents and the Neighbors franchises, Robert De Niro and Zac Efron have both displayed a knack for comedy. Those skills are pushed to the raunchy limits with the  Dirty Grandpa Unrated version, which is now out on Blu-ray.

Efron is Jason Kelly, a white collar dude who’s set to marry his snooty and domineering girlfriend (Julianne Hough). Before his wedding, however, he’s tasked with spending quality time with his grandpa (De Niro), who immediately tricks his kin into partying at Daytona Beach. During their hedonistic excursion, Jason smokes crack, buddies up with a likable drug dealer (Jason Mantzoukas), and gets thrown in jail for public indecency. Meanwhile, gramps’ main goal (he’s recently widowed) is to have sex with Lenore (a hilarious Aubrey Plaza), a sexually aggressive twentysomething armed with a ton of double entendres.

Gross out humor fans, aka people who laugh at seeing Robert De Niro being caught masturbating, will find a treasure trove of jokes with Dirty Grandpa. While De Niro and Efron do a solid job as the leads, it’s Mo Collins and Henry Zebrowski as the most corrupt (and inept) cops in Florida who steal the show. Zoey Deutch, who plays Jason’s potential love interest, also brings a refreshing sense of normalcy amidst the madness.

Dirty Grandpa Unrated’s special features include audio commentary with the director, producer and writer, a gag reel, and several featurettes (“The Filthy Truth: The Making of Dirty Grandpa,” “Lessons In Seduction,” and “I Got Nothin’ To Hide: A Look at Daytona’s Most Vibrant Drug Dealer”), My personal favorite was the “Daytona Heat” segment, as extra improvisation time with Collins and Zebrowski is worth taking a look.

***I briefly talked about the Dirty Grandpa Unrated Blu-ray and also gave my thoughts on Zac Efron’s latest film (Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising) on this week’s CinemAddicts podcast. Take a listen below!!

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‘My Father’s Vietnam’ A Labor of Love For Dedicated Filmmaker


To learn more about his father’s experience in the Vietnam War, director Soren Sorensen started interviewing his dad in 2006. What started out as a series of taped conversations grew into a decade long process for Sorensen, whose life path was altered after directing My Father’s Vietnam. Along with Peter Sorensen’s account of his military service, the lives of Sorensen’s colleagues Loring Bailey and Glenn Rickert are also spotlighted in the documentary.

“It’s euphoric to put pieces together of a life that essentially never was or that was cut very, very short,” said Sorensen, who is currently working on an upcoming documentary on Cuban born pianist/composer Omar Sosa. “You realize, at a certain point, that you’re the only person in the world with access to this information from somebody that served with them, this person’s parents, brother-in-law in the case of Loring Bailey, or this person’s spouse in the case of Glenn Rickert. You realize that you’re trafficking in very privileged rare information and stories.”

My Father’s Vietnam is available on pre-order via iTunes, Vudu, and Vimeo. For our full interview with Sorensen, please go to Deepest Dream.

My Father's Vietnam [Trailer] from Soren Sorensen on Vimeo.

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‘Syberia 3’ Trailer Promises “Cinematic” Journey For Kate Walker


Game publisher Microïds has announced that Syberia 3, the latest Kate Walker adventure from author and artist Benoit Sokal, will be released December 1st on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Mac.

Though the new video “Kate Walker’s New Journey” doesn’t spill the details on Kate’s latest adventure, it gives viewers a look at the game’s visually arresting, three-dimensional style graphics. Whether it’s the depth of field viewpoints, detailed lighting, or motion capture based animations, Syberia 3 is aiming for an immersive experience.

“We went for a far more cinematic experience,” said Alison Derolez, production coordinator of Koalabs Studio. “With a lot of effects.”

Along with gameplay sequences, a brief tease of the new characters featured in Syberia 3 are also revealed, and so far the eye-catching artwork is impressive. Check out “Kate Walker’s New Journey” below and tell us what you think!

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Posted by: Greg Srisavasdi