Chris Rock received a wide range of praise and criticism as this year’s Oscar host. The acerbic comedian and filmmaker, however, came into this awards season with the hot button topic of diversity, and for the most part the biting edge that comes with Rock’s humor was on full display. Employing Public Enemy’s anthemic “Fight the Power,” using several Asian kids to be the butt of a lame joke (on a night discussing race no less!), and erroneously claiming that his movie theater skit was shot in Compton were just a few creative decisions that didn’t pay off for Rock.

The funniest bit of the evening actually came from Louis C.K., who was presenting for Best Documentary Short, as he humorously pointed out that the winner of that Oscar won’t be as wealthy as most of the Academy Award winners and losers, adding that it will “give them anxiety to keep it in their crappy apartments.”

Although both Rock and Louis C.K. would make interesting Oscar hosts for 2017, a list of other entertainers should also be considered for filmmaking’s most prestigious awards program. Kevin Hart, who had his share of face time during this year’s Oscars, may also be in the running.

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