Rachel Weisz Boards Fox Searchlight’s “My Cousin Rachel”

Rachel Weisz on the set of YOUTH. Photo by Gianni Fiorito. © 2015 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation All Rights Reserved

Rachel Weisz, recently seen with Michael Caine in Youth, has signed onto another Fox Searchlight Pictures feature with My Cousin Rachel.

Directed by Notting Hill filmmaker Roger Michell, My Cousin Rachel starts principal photography April 4 and will shoot in England and Italy through July.

Based on Daphne du Maurier’s novel, the story (Sam Claflin) centers on a young Englishman who plots to murder his cousin (Weisz) only to fall under her spell. The picture also stars Holliday Grainger (Cinderella) and Iain Glen (Game of Thrones).

“So many really great films have grown out of the works of Daphne Du Maurier: Don’t Look Now, The Birds, Rebecca . . . and her’s another of her classics which is at once detailed, dark, sexy, cinematic and full of surprises. I look forward to bringing this thrilling story to the screen with such a brilliant cast,” said Michell.

Weisz, an Oscar winner for her work in The Constant Gardener, has also starred in The Mummy, Dream House, and The Fountain.

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‘CinemAddicts’ Reviews “Kill Your Friends” And “Miles Ahead”


On this week’s episode of CinemAddicts, we cover three diverse films which features music as its backbone.

With credits such as Mad Max: Fury Road and X-Men: Days of Future Past, Nicholas Hoult continues to gain momentum as one of Hollywood’s up and coming lead actors. His latest film Kill Your Friends is an in-your-face, violent, and hedonistic laden look at an A&R exec (Hoult) who will do anything to make it to the top of his company.The picture is set in the Britpop era of the late 1990s and co-stars James Corden and Ed Skrein.

The documentary They Will Have To Kill Us First centers on how musicians persevered through the ban on music in Mali in 2012. Whether it’s leaving the country as refugees or spreading their music internationally (the group Songhoy Blues are featured in the film), these artists have weathered their share of struggles but continue to express their love for music.

Miles Ahead, a freewheeling and inspired look at Miles Davis (Don Cheadle), centers on the jazz great’s later years as he struggled to find his creative muse once again. Ewan McGregor is the diligent journalist who will do anything to get a feature piece of the legend, even if it means embarking on a dangerous mission, and Emayatzy Corinealdi co-stars as Miles’ first wife Frances Taylor. Directed by Cheadle, the film opens in New York and Los Angeles on Friday.

Check out this week’s episode of the Hollywood Outbreak/Cold Cockle Productions podcast CinemAddicts below:

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Julie Delpy Explores ‘Lolo’ Universe And Love of Cinema


“My love of movies is why I am making movies,” says director/actress/writer Julie Delpy, whose sixth directing feature Lolo is now playing in select theaters.

Though the trailer suggests a light romantic comedy, Lolo is far from toothless. The titular character (Vincent Lacoste) is a narcissistic man who still clings to his mother Violette (Julie Delpy). While the bond between a mother and son is undeniable, Lolo’s love is all too selfish, and his plan to ruin his mom’s nascent relationship with a loving man (Dany Boon) leads to the story in comedic (and dark) territories.

Lolo marks Julie Delpy’s sixth film as a director, and her passion for films isn’t confined to one specific genre. “I love films in a very broad kind of way,” adds Delpy, whose previous directing credits include The Countess and 2 Days in New York. “It goes from Star Wars to Woody Allen, to John Cassavetes to Ingmar Bergman to Andrei Tarkovsky.”

To check out our full Q&A with Julie Delpy, check out our sister site Deepest Dream.

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‘Maggie’s Plan’ Finds Greta Gerwig And Ethan Hawke In NYC Romance

Maggie's Plan

Finding a new twist in a romantic comedy is a rare thing, but judging from the trailer to Maggie’s Plan, director Rebecca Miller (The Private Lives of Pippa Lee) and her fellow collaborators may have hit the nail on the head.

Maggie (Greta Gerwig) is a thirtysomething New Yorker with designs on having a child, but her “plan” is altered when she falls in love with John (Ethan Hawke), a struggling novelist who is drowning in a seemingly loveless marriage with an all too frank Danish academic (Julianne Moore, giving her most memorable accent since The Big Lebowski).

Gerwig’s previous work with director Noah Baumbach (Mistress America, Frances Ha, While We’re Young) prove she’s adept at relationship comedies, and as the Before Sunrise films and Boyhood suggests, Hawke is also a shoo-in for his respective role.

Maggie’s Plan opens in New York and Los Angeles May 20. Check out the trailer below and tell us what you think!

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Review: The Bronze Medals in Politically Incorrect Redemption

bronzeOn Big Bang Theory we get to see Melissa Rauch mine comedy gold showing attitude and occasionally questionable judgment seemingly unexpected from the adorably squeaky Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz. In The Bronze, Rauch takes some of those bad girl hints and ups the nastiness as Hope, a former gymnast who’s fallen on hard times while hanging onto that last ounce of glory.

As we see in the film, America’s golden girl isn’t so gold. While her determination to compete after suffering an injury in the Olympics earned her a bronze and all kinds of public attention, that same injury essentially ended her career, and unable to move forward or come to terms that the only life she’s known is no longer an option, Hope is caught in arrested development. She’s a foul-mouthed pixie, using her celebrity status to snag free food court benefits and rifling through her postman father’s  (Gary Cole) mail truck for birthday money in other people’s cards when he’s not looking. Essentially, she’s Bad Santa’s Willie T. Stokes in pint-sized form.

More troubling to Hope is that her star is about to be eclipsed by a new fresh-faced hopeful training for the Olympics in her own hometown. Maggie (Haley Lu Richardson) sees Hope as an inspiration, while Hope sees Maggie as a threat. But when their former coach passes, an opportunity arises. A letter from the coach promises that a significant sum of money will be Hope’s if she agrees to train Maggie through to her Olympic tryout cycle.

Begrudgingly Hope agrees, receiving help from gym assistant Ben (whom she refers to as Twitchy due to his facial ticks). Feeling that all she has to do is get the girl to her tryout, Hope sets out to sabotage Maggie, feeding her countless calories, introducing her to a young boy she likes and encouraging her to curse more. The last nail in the coffin is getting her stoned before an Olympic official (Sebastian Stan) enters the picture, and threatens to take Maggie away seeing the damage Hope has done. Realizing she may not be able to complete her goal, Hope has to do some fast talking to keep Maggie under her guidance.

And thus the road to redemption begins. Hope begins to bond with the young gymnast, starts to let down the walls with a smitten Ben and begins to find herself again as a coach. But this path is not meant to be easy for Hope and when several obstacles get in the way of her happiness, some growing up is required.

Rauch penned the film with her husband Winston, and the Bryan Buckley directed film received plenty of attention at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival, with an especially humorous gymnast sex scene being the buzz of the festival. While toiling in the same type of humor as the aforementioned Bad Santa, The Bronze may not be for everyone. Yes, there are plenty of real life gymnast cameos, but the non-PC humor may take some by surprise. But The Bronze does medal as a passably enjoyable comedy — maybe not reaching for the gold, but definitely fitting of its title.

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