John Stamos is back in the television arena with the diverting comedy Grandfathered. Though he’s 51, the youthful looking Stamos was the perfect person to play Jimmy Martino, a narcissistic yet amiable restaurateur whose life changes after his adult son Gerald (Josh Peck) and granddaughter Edie enter his life. Eternal bachelorhood can only get one so far, as Jimmy must realize a little sacrifice isn’t such a bad thing, especially when it means expanding one’s family.

Stamos has experience dealing with babies, thanks to his work with Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen on Full House, so dealing with children in Grandfathered wasn’t a daunting experience. “I realized that I’m a baby whisperer over the years,” joked Stamos. “These kids were good most of the time but when they weren’t I said, ‘I’m not going to make you a billionaire like I did last time! Behave and you could have your own clothing line!'”

Click on the media bar below to hear John Stamos explain why doing Grandfathered was a relative “no-brainer”:

Grandfathered airs Tuesday evenings on FOX (8/7).

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Posted By: Greg Srisavasdi