leapScott Bakula is one of the best actors working on television today. Bakula, who currently stars in the CBS action series NCIS: New Orleans, is not only an accomplished actor, but he is also a great singer as well, earning many accolades performing on the stage.

Bakula won the hearts of many starring in the classic NBC sci-fi series Quantum Leap. Bakula played time traveler Dr. Sam Beckett who temporarily took the place of other people in order to correct their mistakes. In addition to playing Dr. Sam Beckett, he also played the character of the those he leapt into. It was a true acting challenge for Bakula, who knocked his beloved role out of the park.

While Quantum Leap has been off the air for over two decades, it has found new generations of fans through DVD and it’s currently playing on Netflix. Bakula still embraces fans, both old and new, of the beloved series. We spoke to Bakula not too long ago and he explained why the show is timeless.

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