Whether it’s his Oscar nominated work in Revolution Road or his scene stealing performance as General Zod in Man of Steel, Michael Shannon is definitely a forced to be reckoned with. That “force” is in full form in 99 Homes, which has Shannon playing an unscrupulous, Florida real estate magnate named Rick Carver. Andrew Garfield is Dennis Nash, a single dad and recently evicted home owner who gets seduced by Carver’s shady and highly lucrative business dealings.

Though the movie touches on the mortgage crisis and its effects on hard working families, 99 Homes isn’t a preachy social drama. Instead, the feature uses this intriguing subject as the backdrop for a propulsive thriller which centers on the battle of wills between Carver and Nash.

In the clip below, Michael Shannon talks about following the lead of director Ramin Bahrani in crafting his colorful and intimidating character from 99 Homes.

99 Homes opens September 25. To check out Andrew Garfield’s thoughts on making the film and why he is a fan of “instability,” go to Find Your Seen.

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Posted By: Greg Srisavasdi