teen-wolfAiring on Monday nights on MTV, the popular TEEN WOLF series begins its fifth season with what sounds like a slew of new plot points. With no review screener provided, we can only speculate from the slight network ‘leaks’ that there’s a major shakeup about to go down in Beacon Hills. And, while the appearance of a ‘wild new monster’ and a team of ‘Frankenstein-like doctors’ sounds like a cause for concern, the rumor of the separation between the hotness that is Scott and Stiles is unimaginable.

Created for MTV by JEFF DAVIS (CRIMINAL MINDS), the series stars TYLER POSEY, DYLAN O’BRIEN, HOLLAND RODEN and TYLER HOECHIN. Despite the original concern that turning a comic theatrical franchise into a dramatic TV series might be a bust, MTV’s TEEN WOLF is a resounding success. Arguably, one of the most homoerotic series on TV, TEEN WOLF has crossed many barriers (both overtly and with subtlety) and proved itself to be way ahead of its time.

During a press conference to promote the show, series creator JEFF DAVIS talked about how the setting of TEEN WOLF is a perfectly natural place to explore adolescent sexuality. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)

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Posted By: Bob Healy