_rbdave73dj1_hires216They say that payback is a bitch and nowhere is it more evident than in THE EQUALIZER, a hard-boiled tale of revenge and restitution that goes so far over the top it’s almost comic book material. Centered on an ex-CIA agent who faked his own death to get a new start and is now reduced to working in a home-goods store, the story has him living an ostensibly quiet life. But when he sees a young hooker being roughed up by Russian gangsters, his old instincts kick in and he becomes an avenging angel taking on the entire mob.

A reunion for director ANTOINE FUQUA and star DENZEL WASHINGTON, the film is not as smooth as TRAINING DAY (their first outing in 2001) but it is every bit as action packed. Also in the cast are CHLOE GRACE MORETZ, MARTON CSOKAS, MELISSA LEO and BILL PULLMAN.

At a press conference to promote the film at the Toronto International Film Festival, WASHINGTON and FUQUA talked about reuniting for another collaboration. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)

THE EQUALIZER is in theaters now.

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Posted by Bob Healy