Witches of East End (A&E Television Networks, CR: Sergei Bachlakov) Witches of East End’s season one finale delivered a pretty solid cliffhanger, as we witnessed the partial opening of the Asgard portal (thanks to human/witch keyhole Ingrid) and a mysterious, shadowed figure entering through the opening.

Season two’s premiere episode, titled “A Moveable Beast,” gets its catchy moniker from one of Ernest Hemingway’s most beloved novels, and although this installment has a few touches of sentimentality like A Moveable Feast, nostalgia takes a backseat to a ton of forward progress.

Most of the heartrending moments come from Joanna (Julia Ormond), who begins the episode screaming in pain while Victor (Joel Gretsch) uses a leech-esque creature to suck the poison out of Joanna’s system. Although Freya (Jenna Dewan Tatum) is also crafting elixirs to ease her mom’s pain, both of these remedies can’t stop the Argentium poison from killing Joanna. The Beauchamp matriarch needs a cure asap and even Ingrid (Rachel Boston) doesn’t have a spell to cure her mom’s condition.

After being ditched by Freya at the altar, the once buttoned down doctor Dash (Eric Winter) is now burdened with conflicting emotions. Not only does he carry a hateful streak towards Freya, but he still believes he killed his brother Killian (Daniel DiTomasso). Since we later find Killian carousing with a beautiful woman (Pretty Little Liars’ Bianca Lawson) and winning a ton of gambling chips at a remote island, Dash shouldn’t be too concerned for his sibling. Both brothers have their powers restored now that their shape shifting mom (Virginia Madsen) was killed last season by Joanna and sassy sis Wendy (Mädchen Amick). When Dash secretly has an MRI done, he discovers that his abnormal brain structure is similar to a girl who checked into the hospital over 20 years ago. That girl’s name is – Ingrid! How Dash and Killian deal with their gifts, along with how they process their mom’s passing, should be one of this season’s key narrative arcs.

Witches of East End (A&E Television Networks,CR: Sergie Bachlakov)The two big reveals for “A Moveable Beast” is the reunion of Frederick (Christian Cooke) with his mom Joanna. Since Frederick was left toiling in Asgard while the rest of his family escaped to Earth (Frederick sided with his grandpa during some Asgardian conflict), there is lingering trust issues between mother and son (Wendy doesn’t exactly welcome her nephew with open arms).

But since Frederick absorbed his mother’s poison and save her life in the process, his first few days in East End have been a successful one. Since Joanna’s overprotective nurturing often clouds her decision making, she’s more than happy to see her son return to the fold. Whether Frederick’s sisters, who had no idea of his existence, or his dad Victor, throw out the red carpet is another story.

Whether it’s Dash realizing that someone witnessed his beatdown on Killian or Wendy’s contentious interactions with an EMT, each of the main characters on the show are moving on with their own respective challenges. Tragedy usually ensues in most of these cases, and the huge reveal that Ingrid is having sleepwalking sex with a reptilian creature who emerged from the portal (although TV Line scooped the creature is called a Mandragora, I’ll simply refer to it as snakes on a monster).

Witches of East End (A&E Television Networks, CR: Sergie Bachlakov)Before her relationship with George (Jason George) could blossom, he died of an aneurysm, and it’s a death that transpired from Ingrid’s decision to cast a resurrection spell on Wendy. Under witchcraft rules, once you resurrect a person, someone close to you must die.

After George’s passiing, another guy entered her life. Ingrid’s friendship with Mike (Enver Gjokaj) was a total betrayal, as his sole goal was to open Asgard’s portal. Although the portal was opened, Mike, as well as his temporary union with Ingrid, ended up in flames.

Along with still not forgiving Victor for being an absentee dad, Ingrid’s relationship with men has existed on shaky ground (let’s not forget Ingrid’s relationship with sociopathic ladies man Archibald Brown!). I’m assuming Ingrid’s forestry trysts with snakes on a monster won’t lead to a promising road either. Since the ever resilient Ingrid is a master spellcaster and scholar, I’m confident the Mandragora has actually met his match.

So what did you think of last night’s Witches of East End season two premiere? Is Ingrid in for some more pain? Is Frederick a good sibling or is he planning retribution? Plus, do you like Killian’s transition from smoldering bartender to opportunistic island/poker chip gambler?

Feel free to comment below and tell us what you think!!

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