Why Bruce Boxleitner Loved His ‘Bit Role’ In ‘Tron’

121When it came out in 1982, Disney’s cyber-fi movie Tron was way ahead of its time. In fact, it might have been too far ahead of its time, because in its initial theatrical release, it grossed a disappointing $33 million. As technology advanced and gaming became a much bigger part of American culture, the movie gained a larger and larger following – big enough to inspire a sequel, Tron: Legacy. And if you’re keeping score at home, the sequel outgrossed its predecessor on its third day of release – and earned a total of $172 million, which has kept the door open for a potential third “Tron.”

For Bruce Boxleitner, who starred in the film, it still remains one of his most enjoyable experiences. When we spoke to him, he recalled making the original film with Jeff Bridges, and how he had tried to land the ultimate sci-fi role, Star Wars Luke Skywalker.

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Dig ‘Big Brother’s’ New Digs

120After 15 seasons, fans have a pretty good idea of what to expect on the CBS reality series Big Brother. So the producers always try to shake things up a bit by making each season’s house different. Want to get a sneak peek of where the Season 16 contestants will be hanging out?

The new season of Big Brother starts June 25 on CBS.

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Mila Kunis: I Avoid Bad Movies Because I Can

119Mila Kunis has come a long way from the girl who was cast in That ‘70s Show at age 14. From her Golden Globe nominated turn in Black Swan to her MTV Movie Award-winning performance in Oz: The Great and Powerful, she’s gained some serious credibility in Hollywood.

Part of that, of course, stems from choosing the right projects. Fortunately for Kunis, doing more than 200 episodes of both That ‘70s Show and Family Guy has left her in a position where, as she told us, she can afford to be picky about the big-screen roles she accepts. (Click on the media bar below to hear Mila Kunis)

Mila Kunis currently stars in the drama Third Person which is now playing in limited release.

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“We Must Go” Spotlights Egypt’s Determined World Cup Quest

We Must Go

With the World Cup in full bloom and worldwide fan support set at a fever pitch, the documentary We Must Go is a perfect complement to one’s soccer obsessed climate. Directed by Dave LaMattina and Chad N. Walker, the project centers on coach Bob Bradley’s determined fight to take the Egyptian National Soccer team to the 2014 FIFA World Cup. If you’re looking for a puff piece on Bradley or a predictable happy ending, We Must Go will turn those expectations on its very head. Diehard soccer fans know Egypt fell short of a World Cup appearance and Bradley is now the coach of Stabaek in Norway.

Winning and losing takes on a different color in Egypt, where politics and soccer are dangerously intertwined. In heartbreaking and even eyed fashion, the documentary also chronicles the Port Said tragedy in which 74 people perished in a soccer match. Dahlia and Yasmine Khouzam, the mother and daughter of one of the individuals killed in the incident, are also interviewed in the documentary.

WE MUST GO“When we came to this film, it was September 2011 when Bob got the job,” said LaMattina. “We (thought) this would be a cool fish out of water story and it was, at that point, just a sports story to us. We never expected that we would include a family who lost a child at a riot at a soccer game”

As much as We Must Go is a story of Bradley’s quest to bring Egypt back to soccer prominence (their last World Cup appearance was in 1990), the project also looks at a country where the fight continues long after the game is over. “What I really love is there are truly intelligent youth out there like Yasmine,” added Walker. “She says in the movie that she’s not talking about revolution or protest. Her journey is that she’s going to become a reporter, and that’s what it’s really going to take – these bright, youthful people, maybe to continue to protest but maybe to get into positions of power where they can make change.”

We Must Go is currently available on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon.

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‘Blue’ Stars Didn’t Want to Make Any ‘Rookie’ Mistakes

135742_groupThe stars of ABC’s cop drama Rookie Blue, Missy Peregrym and Gregory Smith, are committed to maintaining both the integrity and the intensity of police work. The pair do much of their own stunt work, and to make their performances as real as possible, they were sent to a real police boot camp prior to the start of filming.

Rookie Blue airs Thursday nights on ABC.

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