126It’s now been more than two years since the FOX drama House – both literally and figuratively – rode off into the sunset. Many of the show’s cast members have moved on to other television projects, but not the show’s star, Hugh Laurie. In terms of visual media, he’s kept a very, very low profile – in fact, the only movie he’s shot since the House finale has been Tomorrowland, the Disney adventure film (co-starring George Clooney) that will be in theaters next Memorial Day. Instead, Laurie has been working on his side career as a blues musician, spending a good chunk of the last two years recording and touring.

So have we completely lost Hugh Laurie to the worlds of music and movies? Or would he consider doing another television series?

If he does choose to return to television, though, it will be on his terms. He admits he was a little spoiled by his House experience – playing a character as unusual, intriguing and enigmatic as Dr. Gregory House was such a joy that making 176 episodes of the show never felt like “a grind” to him.

Do you find yourself jonesing for another dose of Dr. House? Are you secretly hoping there might be a House TV movie in the future, or a 24-like event series? Let us know what you think!

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