Sergio Mendes Infuses “Familia” Spirit With “Rio 2” Soundtrack

Rio 2 Soundtrack

Music legend Sergio Mendes continues his collaboration with composer John Powell with the Rio 2 soundtrack. During a reent interview, the musician talked about working with Carlinhos Brown and Powell to create the Rio 2 tune “Batacuda Familia.”

“The idea was to have a celebration of the family getting together again,” said Mendes about the song, which also features vocals from Jamie Foxx, Rita Moreno, Siedah Garrett, and Rachel Crow. “So Carlinhos Brown, we’ve been writing songs for a long time now. Batucada (translates to) having a lot of percussion. (So we came up) with something very positive, sunny, and colorful. We sat at the piano and John Powell also co-wrote the song with us.”

Mendes, whose next album Magic comes out in June, explained that there is a marked difference between producing a soundtrack and working on one’s own album. “The movie guides us,” he added. “That’s what we write music for. It’s different if I’m writing a song for my record. If I’m writing for an animated movie like Rio you have to think about the children, the melody has to be simple, not too complicated and then you have to have the joy that the rhythmical part of Brazilian music brings.”

To check out the full interview with Sergio Mendes, in which he discusses his memories of jazz great Cannonball Adderly and his touring plans, check out the Q&A article on Deepest Dream.

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“Blue Ruin” Actor Macon Blair Breaks Down Inspired Performance

Blue Ruin

In theaters and On Demand April 25, Blue Ruin centers on Dwight Evans (Macon Blair), an outsider who remains haunted by the murder of his parents. Upon the killer’s release from prison, Evans steps out from the shadows and drives down a bloody road of vengeance. Tautly directed and refreshingly unforgiving in tone, Blue Ruin is a viscerally thrilling suspense tale that is hard to shake even after the credits roll.

Part of a film’s creative success lies in the collaboration between the filmmaker and his actors. Director Jeremy Saulnier and Blair have been close friends for over 25 years, and with that bond comes months of working through the material. This shorthand enabled Blair to put his body and soul into Dwight Evans, and since this drifter is a man of few words, much of the performance hinges on the actor’s pure physicality and behavior.

“The key was an extremely long period of development where Jeremy and I, before any money was sunk into it, when the stakes were relatively low, that we could talk at great length about everything that this character was doing,” said Blair, who also starred in Saulnier’s 2007 debut feature Murder Party.

Blair discusses his collaboration with Saulnier on Blue Ruin in the following video:

I also posted a video which has Saulnier offering up directing advice. You can check it out on Deepest Dream .

Here’s a pivotal scene from Blue Ruin, which sets Dwight Evans on his unrelenting journey:

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‘American Idol’ Singers Reflect on their Top 7 Success

American Idol (CR: Michael Becker)

American Idol continues tonight (Fox, 8 pm et/pt), as the top seven attempt to survive another week in the competition. For singer Jena Irene, part of her Idol journey has helped her gain a ton of confidence as a performer.

“My confidence level, I mean it’s grown,” said Irene. “It started off very small, but after over the months of preparing and getting all the advice that I’ve gotten and taking everything into consideration, I think my confidence and then my originality, I hope that people like what I come up with in the next few weeks.  But, yeah, it’s been fun.”

For CJ Harris, American Idol has also helped him hone his craft. Although he’s a natural musician and has an authentic, down home country/blues voice, Harris’ talent did need a bit of nurturing.

“I knew that I could do something with music,” said Harris.  “I was just really waiting on the help, man.  I couldn’t afford to have the voice lessons and the guitar lessons and things like that I really wanted to get help on.  Now that I’m here and I get help on interviews, on how to do an interview, how to breathe, how to do this and that, and it’s just helped me all around as a musician, from my stage performance to a lot of things.  I’m just excited.”

To hear Caleb Johnson talk about showing his creativity on American Idol, click on the media bar below:

We’ll also miss last week’s eliminated singer Malaya Watson. Check out her thoughts on her American Idol experience and also hear what JLo had to say about Watson’s “God-given” talent on this Deepest Dream post.

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Gordon Ramsay’s “Kitchen Nightmares” Sets Its Sight On Family Restaurants

Kitchen Nightmares (FOX, Jeff Neira)

Another season of Kitchen Nightmares premieres tonight (Fox, 8 pm et/pt), as Gordon Ramsay returns to help a former client and also travels to Denver, Colorado to fix up an Italian restaurant named Pantaleone’s. Known for his culinary expertise and refreshingly candid manner in working with different chefs, Mr. Ramsay is focusing this series of episodes on family run businesses.

“I mean, it’s a bit of a whirlwind,” said Ramsay. So I think every country globally has equally as bad of restaurants as we do here. But I think it’s something that the viewers never get tired of. And, also I think it’s been more heartfelt over the last 18 months, 2 years with the economy. So there are a lot more family restaurants that have gone under and are struggling trying to keep up with conglomerates chains. So this year, season six, we focus more on the personalized, family-run businesses that had a lot more at stake, not just in terms of the jeopardy financially. But, you know, if the restaurant is broke, the family is broke. If the family is broke, the restaurant is broke. So season six for me is one of the most important.”

In the clip below, Ramsay talks about the cities he visits this season on Kitchen Nightmares.

Gordon Ramsay also continues to learn and grow from his Kitchen Nightmares experience. Check out my article on Deepest Dream to read more about the show and why Ramsay takes the project in such a personal fashion.

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Jim Carroll Counsels Troubled Couples Through “Marriage Boot Camp”

Jim and Elizabeth Carroll

Husband and wife counseling team Jim and Elizabeth Carroll serve as the port in the storm of Marriage Boot Camp, as they help guide troubled couples through their various problems. Even though seeing spouses bicker and banter makes for an interesting reality TV show experience, a fractured marriage is really nothing to laugh at in the long run, and hopefully the Carrolls can work their magic with these respective couples.

“What we do is we put people through drills and exercises so they learn themselves,” said Jim Carroll. “If you do a bunch of brain stuff with them and say ‘this is what you need to do,’ nobody really listens. But when you play these interactive games and drills, people get so much out of it and they take it for the rest of their lives as a lesson learned.”

In the following clip, Jim Carroll talks about the different couples that are featured in Marriage Boot Camp.

The show airs tonight on WE tv at 9 pm et/pt.

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