Playing House (USA Network, CR: Rodolfo Martinez)

Premiering April 29 on USA Network (10 pm et/pt), Playing House centers on Maggie Caruso (Lennon Parham) and Emma Crawford (Jessica St. Clair), childhood best buds who face an important chapter in adulthood. After a pregnant Maggie discovers her husband is having an online affair, Emma leaves her successful corporate job in China to move back to Pinebrook, Connecticut and help her friend through motherhood.

Parham and St. Clair previously collaborated on the comedy series Best Friends Forever, and now they are back as the leads and executive producers of Playing House. The pair credit much of their comedic acumen to their work with the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.

In the following video below, they talk about one of the keys to successful improvisation is culling some of your humor from one’s own life. Improv isn’t the hardest thing in the world as long as it’s grounded in a bit of reality. “I’ve never in life had nothing to say,” said St. Clair after being asked if she ever freezes up doing an improv bit. “You always have something to say, like in life, you always know what to say because you’re a human being.”

Check out the video below:

If you want to know why having your own television show is better than being Meryl Streep (Lennon Parham was obviously joking, but it’s a cool clip), go to my article on Deepest Dream.

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posted by Greg Srisavasdi