‘Playing House’ Celebrates Improv Skills of Lennon Parham & Jessica St. Clair

Playing House (USA Network, CR: Rodolfo Martinez)

Premiering April 29 on USA Network (10 pm et/pt), Playing House centers on Maggie Caruso (Lennon Parham) and Emma Crawford (Jessica St. Clair), childhood best buds who face an important chapter in adulthood. After a pregnant Maggie discovers her husband is having an online affair, Emma leaves her successful corporate job in China to move back to Pinebrook, Connecticut and help her friend through motherhood.

Parham and St. Clair previously collaborated on the comedy series Best Friends Forever, and now they are back as the leads and executive producers of Playing House. The pair credit much of their comedic acumen to their work with the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.

In the following video below, they talk about one of the keys to successful improvisation is culling some of your humor from one’s own life. Improv isn’t the hardest thing in the world as long as it’s grounded in a bit of reality. “I’ve never in life had nothing to say,” said St. Clair after being asked if she ever freezes up doing an improv bit. “You always have something to say, like in life, you always know what to say because you’re a human being.”

Check out the video below:

If you want to know why having your own television show is better than being Meryl Streep (Lennon Parham was obviously joking, but it’s a cool clip), go to my article on Deepest Dream.

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Bettie Page “Reveals All” In Entertaining (& Revealing) Documentary

Bettie Page Reveals All

Released this week on Blu-ray and DVD, Bettie Page Reveals All is filmmaker Mark Mori’s 18-year labor of love documentary on who is arguably the world’s most popular pin-up model. With her voluptuous figure, down to earth smile as well as intriguing life story, Page’s continued transcendence doesn’t surprise the Oscar nominated director.

“It’s her authenticity,” said Mori, whose previous work includes 1991’s Building Bombs. “This is why her photographs are so appealing. She’s so relatable. She’s gorgeous but there’s a real person there. It comes through in her eyes and what she’s doing. There’s no artifice. She’s just being genuine.”

Hugh Hefner, pin-up model/photographer Bunny Yeager, and Page’s ex-husband Harry Lear are among the interviewees featured in the documentary.

The DVD extras include deleted scenes, restored videos of Bettie Page (she called them her “wiggle” movies), and the full length phone call between Page and the late Paula Klaw (she was portrayed by Lili Taylor in the 2005 film The Notorious Bettie Page).

To check out our full Q&A interview with Bettie Page Reveals All filmmaker Mark Mori, check out our sister site Deepest Dream.

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Jennifer Lopez Talks “American Idol” – “It’s Been A Great Season”

American Idol is now down to its top 5, as C.J. Harris was eliminated on this week’s show. The blues-rock singer and Jessica Meuse received the lowest number of votes on the show. During his final moments on the show, Harris thanked the hard working Idol band for all their help during his journey. He then dished out a wonderful rendition of the Marshall Tucker Band tune “Can’t You See” before getting his share of hugs and love from his fellow colleagues.

“You can tell by when the other contestants were saying goodbye to him, how they felt about him,” said Lopez. “I don’t think you’ve ever seen that kind of embrace that held on for that long. He’s a good guy.”

Click on the media bar below as Jennifer Lopez gives her thoughts on this season’s American Idol:

To check out an interview with C.J. Harris, read the post on our sister site Deepest Dream.

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Caleb Johnson & C.J. Harris On Their Favorite ‘American Idols’

American Idol (CR: Michael Becker/FOX)

American Idol is now down to six singers, and tonight’s installment will have the artists singing a country and a rock song to earn their keep and survive another week on the show. TVLine journo Michael Slezak released the official set list for tonight’s performances, and Jena Irene is my pick to hit it out of the park, as she is set to perform Carrie Underwood’s “So Small” and the Heart staple “Barracuda.”

During a recent interview, C.J. Harris was asked if he had any favorite American Idols from yesteryear. “Ruben Studdard was on it and Chris Daughtry, all those guys,” said Harris, who will perform Zac Brown Band’s ‘Whatever It Is’ and The Guess Who rocker ‘American Woman.’  “I mean, they’re all amazing, you know.  I think Chris Daughtry (brought) so much out of me, you know.  I used to follow…you know, I follow Chris Daughtry on Twitter and his voice is just amazing.  He has a different sound.  I mean, he wasn’t scared to be who he is and you know, he’s just an awesome guy.”

Caleb Johnson is also tacking Carrie Underwood, as he’s scheduled for a rendition of “Undo It.” On the rock end, he’ll be covering The Black Crowes tune “Sting Me.” Click on the media bar below to hear Johnson talk about his love for American Idol vets Chris Daughtry and Adam Lambert:

American Idol airs tonight on FOX (8 pm et/pt).

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TV Tonight: Tim Daly Guest Stars on ‘The Mindy Project’

The Mindy Project (FOX, CR: Beth Dubber)

Tonight’s episode of The Mindy Project, titled “An Officer and a Gynecologist,” features a guest appearance from TV vet Tim Daly (Wings, The Fugitive, Private Practice) as a cranky officer who gets even surlier after Mindy (Mindy Kaling) gives his daughter birth control pills. Since Mindy is never predictable, her handling of the matter should lead to extremely unexpected results.

It’s Mindy’s own approach to life which has garnered a loyal following to the show, and cast member Beth Grant talked about the program’s popularity. “I love the vicarious thrills of living my life through Mindy,” said Grant, who plays absent minded nurse Beverly on the show.  “She has all these escapades and you know she’s a professional and she’s good at what she does. She’s a good doctor but she goes out; she has fun and she dates all these gorgeous guys and has all these adventures and she dresses fabulously and then she’s a fashion icon and she’s funny and she’s easy, you know, it’s not like she’s hitting it hard. It’s just easy and sweet and kind and I think we all kind of want to be her. I know I do.”

The Mindy Project fans are also tune in to check in on the relationship between, as well as the back and forth banter, of Mindy and Danny (Chris Messina). In a recent interview, Kaling humorously offered up her thoughts on kissing her co-star. “It’s one of the perks of the job,” she added. “It’s like you kiss like you would kiss. You know, it’s like, fun. Yeah, that’s Chris. It’s like I know him so well and feel so close with him and vice versa, so, we just do it.”

The Mindy Project airs tonight on FOX (9 pm et/pt).

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