Jennifer Lopez Says “American Idol” Has No Front Runners This Season

American Idol (FOX, CR: Michael Becker)

For Jennifer Lopez, there are no huge favorites to win it all this season on American Idol. “I don’t think there’s a front runner this year,” said Lopez, who performed her hit single ‘I Luh Ya Papi’ on the show.” I think anybody can win and I think it’s very performance based and that’s what we’re seeing with the bottom three. (It’s) different every single times whereas in past seasons it’s kind of like you knew.”

“Certain people were never in the bottom three. Certain people just skated all through to win or just make the top four or five. That’s not what this year is like.”

It appeared that Lopez wanted to save MK Nobilette, who received mixed reviews this week with her rendition of Pink’s “Perfect,” from elimination. Unfortunately, fellow judge Harry Connick Jr. dished out the bad news to MK, saying: “It breaks our heart, but we have to say goodbye to you.”

As for Lopez, she was asked after the show about what type of music she listens to these days (her own album comes out June 17). Click on the audio below to hear her answer:

To hear what MK Nobilette had to say after her American Idol, check out the article on our sister site Deepeest Dream.

American Idol airs on FOX on Wednesday and Thursday nights (8 pm et/pt).

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‘Flu’ DVD Giveaway Spreads Virus on Hollywood Outbreak

Flu (CJ Entertainment)

We are giving away Two (2) DVDs of Flu, a viral outbreak thriller that is directed by Kim Sung-soo (Beat, Scream City) and starring Jang Hyuk (The Client), Su Ae (Sunny, A Family), Yoo Hae-jin (Musa The Warrior, King and the Clown) and Park Min-ha.

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*** The Deadline for this Giveaway is Tuesday, March 25 at 10 pm (pacific time). Good luck!!

Special Features include:

* A making of featurette

* Deleted Scenes

* Concept Art

To check out my review of Flu, check out my post on Deepest Dream:

Flu (CJ Entertainment)

Here’s the official synopsis for the Korean film, which is being distributed by CJ Entertainment:

A human trafficker is infected with an unknown virus and dies in a Bundang hospital, covered in red rashes and coughing up blood. Less than 24 hours after the death of the first patient, similar cases are reported all over Bundang. The medics despair over the super virus that has no known cure, but they soon find hope when they hear of a sole survivor who may have developed antibodies against this ruthless viral mutation. As medical professionals rush to find the sole individual with the potential key for a cure, fatalities rise and soon the government has no choice but to quarantine the city. Amidst the ensuing panic, wild desperation and violence, the struggle for life between the infected and non-infected begins to spiral out of control.

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Glee Celebrates 100 Episodes With A “Toxic” Performance

Glee (FOX, CR: Adam Rose)

Glee celebrates its 100th episode tonight on Fox (8 pm et/pt), so expect a ton of surprises and guest appearances on the program. Gossip Girl actor Chace Crawford makes an appearance as Quinn’s new preppy boyfriend, but Quinn’s big Glee moment should come with her team-up with longtime friends Santana (Naya Rivera) and Brittany (Heather Morris) for another rendition of “Toxic.”

Former McKinley High students Mike (Harry Shum Jr.) and Puck (Mark Salling), as well as colorful characters Holly Holliday (Gwyneth Paltrow) and April Rhodes (Kristen Chenoweth) are also taking part in the special episode, which will feature performances of the songs “Raise Your Glass,” “Defying Gravity,” and, of course, “Don’t Stop Believing.”

Darren Criss, who plays Blaine on the series, talks about celebrating Glee’s 100th episode below:

To hear Jane Lynch talk about the evolution of Sue Sylvester over Glee’s storied run and also read what Matthew Morrison had to say about the show’s success, check out Deepest Dream.

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Gillian Anderson Returns To Television With A New ‘Crisis’

Crisis (NBC, Vivian Zink)

As evidenced from her work in The X-Files and The Fall, Gillian Anderson knows how to pick excellent TV projects. We’re hoping tonight’s premiere of the kidnapping based thriller Crisis completely follows suit, and on the show she plays a powerful CEO whose daughter is among the endangered children.

The project also stars Dermot Mulroney (Enlightened, New Girl) as an adult chaperone (and former CIA analyst) who gets kidnapped along with the other teenagers, one of who is his own daughter. “To play a parent who doesn’t have the relationship or the time with his daughter that he once had, it’s interesting shooting this show, we shoot in a city that none of us live in,” said Mulroney. “We’re all traveling (and) leaving our kids and working on the show while I’m missing them. And weirdly it applies to shooting these scenes and bringing your own life into the character.”

When asked by reporters if his character has any ulterior motives in the storyline, Mulroney adds that “he is able to achieve his goals even with adversity thrown in, he adjusts to the situation…and continues to prevail.”

Click on the media bar to hear Mulroney, Lance Gross, and Gillian Anderson talk about their characters on Crisis:

Since Crisis, which airs tonight on NBC (10 pm et/pt) has its share of twists and turns, Mulroney had to be playfully cryptic in his answers. As for Gillian Anderson, it’s been 10 years since she’s done American television. Check out the Deepest Dream video to find out why she took the part of CEO Meg Fitch.

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Jason Bateman Balances Directing & Acting With ‘Bad Words’

Bad Words (Focus Features)

With Bad Words as his feature film directing debut, Jason Bateman also undertook the huge task of acting in the movie. This creative step ensured Bateman, even though he had the huge help of cinematographer Ken Seng, did double duty on the production – and it wasn’t easy.

The narrative centers on a middle aged guy named Guy Trilby (Bateman) who decides to partake in a Los Angeles set spelling bee contest, irritating everyone in the process. Even though it’s a comedy, Bad Words was pretty serious business for Bateman, and during our interview he explained how not having the immediate help of “video village” (which is seeing an actor’s performance immediately on the monitor) was a bit of a challenge for the filmmaker.

Click on the media bar to hear Jason Bateman talk about how he managed to balance the acting and directing work for Bad Words (the movie is now playing in select theaters).

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