Need for Speed (Walt Disney)A certain level of balance is important in one’s life, and surely that applies to one’s venture in the acting trade. Aaron Paul, a thespian who’s coming off one of television’s most iconic shows (Breaking Bad), has a passion for independent filmmaking, but this year he’s also changing things up with a lead role in the anticipated action flick Need for Speed and director Ridley Scott’s biblical epic Exodus (which features Christian Bale as Moses).

“I think it was time for me to jump into the studio system,” said Paul. “I always gravitated towards the small, passion projects and I still do those. Right after I shot Need for Speed I did a little film called Hellion that was at Sundance this last year. Everyone was doing it for the pure love and passion for it and I just love independent filmmaking because you just walk on set and there’s about 30 people on the crew that are making something that they believe in. You know everyone’s first and last name, and you kind of know they’re stories…but yeah it was time for me to jump into the studio system. That way I can still do the passion projects.”

Speaking of passion, Aaron Paul talks below about the dedication of the stunt team behind Need for Speed.

Need for Speed opens March 14.

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posted by: Greg Srisavasdi