Non-Stop (Universal Pictures)

Several reasons why Non-Stop may be a worthwhile action feature lies in the cast and crew involved. First off, Liam Neeson reteams with Unknown director Jaume Collett-Serra, whose movies, if anything else, brings a high level of visual design to the process. With Neeson and co-star Julianne Moore on board, this flight disaster/thriller may, pardon the pun, have wings.

“He’s a very, very prepared director,” said Neeson of Collet-Serra. “Any queries we had about the script, about what a character should do or not do, we always tried to judge it to the nth degree. He was always thinking about the overall arc – the symphony of the whole film.”

Neeson, who along with Kevin Costner is the closest thing we have these days to Gary Cooper (all three are great at playing stoic, well intentioned protagonists), explained at the Non-Stop interviews why he loves playing vulnerable heroes.

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Non-Stop opens February 28.

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posted by Greg Srisavasdi