Cavemen (Well Go USA)Camilla Belle, who co-stars with Skylar Astin and Chad Michael Murray in the new romantic comedy Cavemen, was raised in Los Angeles, a city that is blessed with cultural diversity. Those layers extend to her own life, as Belle is also fluent in Portuguese and Spanish. It’s an advantage that has already given her an entry way into global cinema, as she starred opposite Vincent Cassell in the 2009 Brazilian drama Adrift.

“Of course it’s generalizing, but there is something about the Romance languages ,” said Belle. “Because it’s more beautiful to hear, it’s more beautiful to speak. There is more emotion behind it and I feel like when I’m speaking either language I can express myself more. I feel more passionate about what I’m saying in a very weird way. Especially when you’re in those countries, you feel that.”

Click on the media bar to hear Belle talk about her desire to also work in Spanish and Portuguese down the road:

Cavemen opens Friday in select theaters and on VOD on Friday, February 7.

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posted by Greg Srisavasdi