Gimme Shelter (Roadside Attractions)

Thanks to such films as Spring Breakers and The Frozen Ground, Vanessa Hudgens has proven that she is willing to create characters that aren’t just shaped from a two dimensional, popcorn driven film.

Gimme Shelter continues with that creative aesthetic, as Hudgens plays Apple, a teenage runaway who finds comfort and a sense of direction during her stay at a shelter that nurtures and aids pregnant women. All of the actors, which included Rosario Dawson as her drug addicted mom and Brendan Fraser as her absentee dad, do excellent work in the film, but it’s Hudgens’ inspired and gripping turn as the frustrated youth which completely anchors the project.

The movie, written and directed by Ronald Krauss is inspired by Several Sources Shelter leader Kathy DiFiore. Apple was created from a composite of real life women, which includes Gimme Shelter co-star Darlisha Dozier.

In the clip below, Vanessa Hudgens talks about her friendship with Darlisha Dozier:

Gimme Shelter opens January 24.

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posted by Greg Srisavasdi