Oil Rush

Oil Rush is a naval strategy game that traversed the PC waters before landing on iOS shores. Actually there really are no shores in Oil Rush’s post apocalyptic world, as dry land is merely a pipe dream. This is a slick future we live in, where capturing refineries is a businessman’s main trade and our waters is now as black as night. For a $4.99 price tag, this app is broadening its tower defense based horizons, and whether it succeeds depends on how far you want to swim.

My initial foray into Oil Rush was far from an audacious one, as I avoided its campaign mode and tried my hand at a quick game. Although there are enough instructions to give a rudimentary feel for the adventure, playing in campaign mode is a much more intensive and informative experience. Since it’s a mixture of a real time strategy and tower defense experience, you’ll need first rate multi-tasking skills to succeed. Within several minutes, you’ll probably need to send a few of your troops to take over a refinery as well as build and then upgrade weapons to fortify your own base.

Oil Rush

If you spend too much time occupying a certain section of your map, your own position or army may be compromised. Amidst all these activities, you also have a cinematic icon on the left hand side of your device which gives you an array of viewing options. Do you want an up close and personal look at your base, or do you want to see your riders drive into enemy territory? Within the first hour of playing, I was on complete sensory overload. Here’s a view of one of my home base, which eventually was overtaken due to lack of protection.

Capturing oil stations increases your currency which in turn will be used to building your weapons systems. Missiles, tanks, machine guns are all at your disposal for a price, and as you gain experience in warfare and weapons building, you’ll also earn research points to increase your overall skill points. With more research, you can build strong towers, weapons, and even radar systems to detect your enemies in a more sufficient manner.

Oil Rush

Strategy is employed by accessing your map, and dragging a finger to your destination sets up your respective moves. Press on the percentage buttons on the right hand side to determine how many soldiers you’re sending to the specified location. Although my red crew is headed for a double team tactic on an enemy owned refinery (marked in yellow), my decision making is suspect, especially since a few invaders (marked in green) are headed my way.

I also love Oil Rush’s epic visual scope, as you can zoom in an out of an image and with the use of two fingers a 360 degree view of your surroundings is also available. Whether or not you fully master Oil Rush, it’s hard to deny it’s an app filled with pretty pictures.

Don’t expect to get the hang of Oil Rush within a couple of minutes, as it’s an app that comes with a bit of learning and, in my case, understanding. But it’s also a hard game to shake, especially since it’s not a run of the mill tower defense title. If you have five bucks and want something a bit out of the ordinary, go ahead and download this app. You may strike a little oil. Grade: B+

Oil Rush (Rating 12+, 210 MB), developed by Unigine, is available on iPhone & iPad.

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posted by Greg Srisavasdi