124At the end of 2012’s The Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen (played by Jennifer Lawrence) walked away the winner, but it was far from a happy ending. When The Hunger Games: Catching Fire opens next month, we’ll get to see the fallout from Katniss’s unconventional victory, and the impact it will have on her life, on the lives of her family and friends, and all across the dystopian nation of Panem.

If the trailer’s to be believed, everything is not awesome for the Girl on Fire.

“We’re back in Katniss’s life as she is trying to kind of piece her life back together after the games,” Lawrence said at a red carpet event for the film. “The stakes are a lot higher in this movie.”

(Click on the media bar below to hear Jennifer Lawrence talk about the visual grandeur of the sequel.)

Also starring Josh Hutcherson, Woody Harrelson, and Philip Seymour Hoffman, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire flies into theaters November 22.

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