Dallas Buyers Club (Focus Features/CR: Anne Marie Fox)

Jared Leto is getting his share of critical acclaim for his work in the upcoming 1980s drama Dallas Buyers Club. The film, based on the life of HIV positive electrician Ron Woodroof (Matthew McConaughey), centers on Woodroof’s determined quest to find medication to treat his condition.

Leto co-stars as Rayon, a transgender woman who becomes Woodroof’s partner in creating the Dallas Buyers Club, which gave HIV patients access to medication that wasn’t sanctioned by the government.

“It’s kind of hard to let go,” said Letoon the role. “Because you make an enormous commitment. Any time you commit like that, at least for me, it’s hard to stop. It takes a little while sometimes.”

Click on the media bar to hear Jared Leto, who was 116 pounds during the production of the film, talk about the difficulty of eating a full meal once shooting finished.

Dallas Buyers Club hits select theaters November 1.

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