121With their failed Ironside reboot creeping into the rear view, NBC sets its sights on yet another classic crime show revival: the romantic comedy/detective drama Remington Steele.

In the original Steele, private investigator Laura Holt (Stephanie Zimbalist) hires a professional con-man (Pierce Brosnan) to play the fictitious (titular) figurehead of her fledgeling detective agency to nab clients who would refuse to hire a female detective. The new series, planned as a half-hour comedy, will be a sequel rather than total overhaul, and feature the original protagonists’ daughter as she opens her own detective agency, only to face the same circumstances that brought her parents together

In light of the news, we were able to speak with star Brosnan about the show that launched his career. “I look back fondly. I mean, Remington was a major gift in my life,” the former 007 told us, relating his experience coming to America on a wing and a prayer and landing the Steele role almost immediately. (Click the media bar below to hear Brosnan reminisce.)

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