115Sylvester Stallone has no illusions about who pays the bills.

The tough guy megastar, who headlines the new film Escape Plan opposite fellow muscle-man Arnold Schwarzenegger, spoke to us about about the realities of being a public figure, and the respect he has for fans who are willing to approach their favorite celebs.

“It takes a certain amount of guts to come up and if you tell those people to go away, I mean you’ve scarred them, you’ve burnt them,” the Rocky star said, suggesting he doesn’t want to be one of those people about whom the old adage, “Don’t meet your heroes,” was coined.

But what about the germs, Sly? What about the germs?

“Just sign the thing and move on,” he says.

(Click the media bar below to hear Stallone’s full argument for the fans.)

Escape Plan is in theaters now!

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