OldboyRemaking Chan wook-park’s visually seminal and graphic feature Oldboy should be a tough order for most filmmakers and actors, but it was a challenge that’s passionately undertaken by Spike Lee and Josh Brolin.

Brolin plays Joe Doucett, a vodka drinking womanizer who ends up being his worst enemy. Karma is one of the several themes behind Oldboy, as Doucett finds himself imprisoned in a room for twenty years. Upon his unexpected release, Doucett’s main goal is to find his daughter and seek revenge against the person responsible for his imprisonment.

The movie, which also stars Michael Imperioli, Elizabeth Olsen, and Samuel L. Jackson, hits theaters November 27th.  Here’s a recently uploaded featurette on Oldboy, and thankfully some of the sequences in the video seem to match the intensity of the original. Tell us what you think of the clip!

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