THE X FACTOR (FOX, CR: Ray Mickshaw)Auditions end tonight on The X Factor (Fox, 8 pm et/pt), with the top 40 acts revealed on tomorrow’s installment. No matter how many singers or judges sit on those chairs, the show has one constant – Simon Cowell.

During his career, the former American Idol member has shaped his share of talent, and now he’s used those skills to help shape the creative direction of The X Factor. For Cowell, one of the most important facets of being a successful singer is the ability to make a lasting impression on the audience.

“Being unique,” said Cowell.  “Being remembered. Being focused. Having steel in their eyes. It’s why we called the show The X Factor because (it) can be anything from One Direction to Susan Boyle. I mean, they’re completely different artists but you remember them for different reasons. So it’s very difficult to put into worlds until you actually see it, but you know it when you see it.”

Click on the media bar below to hear Cowell talk about the challenges of being in the music industry:

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