The Frozen Ground (LionsGate)Based on a true story, The Frozen Ground centers on Alaskan trooper Jack Halcombe’s (Nicolas Cage) efforts to capture serial killer Robert Hansen (John Cusack). For Cage, working on the project struck a personal chord.

“You can’t be a parent and not care about these young ladies who are victimized, or kids that are victimized,” said Cage. “But what I think comes out of The Frozen Ground, one of the many things, is that there is such a thing as justice. And with the right people who care enough it can work. I became a big believer in the severity of justice when I did The Frozen Ground because I do genuinely worry about children.”

Cusack and Cage worked together years ago on the Jerry Bruckheimer produced action flick Con Air, and during a recent interview Cage talked about doing the interrogation sequence with his co-star.

Click on the media bar to hear Cage talk about why he didn’t want to over rehearse his pivotal scene with Cusack in The Frozen Ground (the movie is currently available On Demand and is playing in select theaters).

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