Metallica Through The Never

Metallica reached a milestone late last month, as the band celebrate the 25th anniversary of the …And Justice For All album. The group are undoubtedly heavy metal’s most acclaimed band, and part of their success lies in their willingness to go beyond the genre and expand their creative horizons.

Their continued risk taking was evidenced by their collaboration with Lou Reed on the album Lulu, and September 27th marks the debut of the IMAX film Metallica Through The Never. The feature, headlined by actor Dane DeHaan (The Place Beyond the Pines), and directed by Nimrod Antal, the filmmaker behind the underrated 2010 flick Predators.

Drummer Lars Ulrich, whom I will always love for his controversial drum work on St. Anger (for the record, even though it sounded like he was hitting empty soda cans during the album, I still loved it!), talked about the diversity of the group as well as their ever expanding demographic.

“I don’t know what they feed people in Norway,” said Ulrich, who says the band prides themselves on their diversity. “But in Norway, it’s like 8-year-olds down in the front row. I don’t know what happens up there.”

It’s a cool clip from Mr. Urlich. Click on the media bar below and make sure to check out the Four Horseman in Metallica Through The Never.

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