PASSION (Entertainment One) Brian De Palma, a director who has managed to craft a successful studio career (Mission: Impossible, The Untouchables, Scarface, Casualties of War) and create suspense thrillers that are either reviled or revered (Body Double, Dressed to Kill, Femme Fatale, Sisters) continues his obsession with shadowy, complex women with his latest feature Passion.

A remake of the 2010 French thriller Love Crime, Passion centers on the cat and mouse game played by two diametrically opposed executives (Noomi Rapace, Rachel McAdams).

All of De Palma films contain their share of visually inspired sequences, and we’re excited to see how he uses his camera this time around. How many split screen or split diopter shots can one take from a movie? As much as the story can handle, and from the looks of the trailer, Passion is a continued extension of the artist’s baroque and arresting narrative canvas. It’s great to see directors like Chan-wook Park (Stoker), Wong Kar Wai (upcoming The Grandmaster), and even A-lister Ridley Scott (Prometheus) bring a painterly style to cinema, and De Palma is an auteur who belongs in such rarefied company.

PASSION (Entertainment One)Although Passion can be seen via Ultra VOD, watching a De Palma movie on the big screen is usually the only way to go. The film comes out August 30th in New York and Los Angeles, and we’d love to hear what you think of the movie if you’ve already checked it out!!

During an interview we did with De Palma years ago for Femme Fatale, he explained why he doesn’t get distracted by external stimuli during production of most of his films:

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