The Frozen Ground (LionsGate)

In The Frozen Ground, Vanessa Hudgens plays a teenage prostitute who is victimized by serial killer Robert Hansen (John Cusack). The fast based film features Nicolas Cage as the cop who is tasked with tracking Hansen down.

Filming one particular sequence was challenging for Hudgens, who was seen earlier this year in Spring Breakers. The movie marks the feature length directing debut of Scott Walker.

“I think the thing that shook me up the most was the flashback rape scene with John (Cusack)…you only see a little tiny snippet of it in the movie and Scott (Walker) told us to go ahead and do whatever we thought was right,” said Hudgens. “John made sure that if I ever felt completely uncomfortable to let him know and we would completely call it off.”

Click on the media bar to hear Hudgens talk about her scene with John Cusack:

The Frozen Ground opens August 23.

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