Blue Jasmine (Sony Pictures Classics, CR: Merrick Morton)After last year’s comedic confection To Rome With Love, director Woody Allen serves us a portrait of a mentally unstable woman (Cate Blanchett) who tries to reinvent herself in the drama Blue Jasmine. Once the privileged Park Avenue housewife of a corrupt businessman (Alec Baldwin), Jasmine moves to San Francisco with her sister (Sally Hawkins), a woman she consistently frowns upon due to her habit for picking loser boyfriends (Andrew Dice Clay plays Hawkins’ ex-lover, with Bobby Cannavale starring as her current boyfriend).

Blanchett has already won an Oscar for her work in The Aviator, and she’s primed for another nomination with, by the looks of the trailer, is a tour de force performance. Check out the trailer for Blue Jasmine, and tell us if you think this has the makings of an excellent Woody Allen effort!

Blue Jasmine, which also stars Peter Sarsgaard and Louis C.K., opens in New York and Los Angeles July 26.

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