Despicable Me 2

The money train known as Despicable Me 2 continues its torrid pace, as the film retained the #1 box office slot to make $44.7 million this weekend. Adam Sandler and his buddies also scored another hit with Grown Ups 2, as the comedy debuted at the #2 spot with $42.5 million.

Even with all the hype and expectation, Pacific Rim finished third with a respectable $38.3 million. The problem is the film cost $190 million, and the real question is if the film will turn a decent profit for Warner Bros.

Here’s this weekend’s top 10:

1.  Despicable Me 2 – $44.7 million this weekend, and $229 million domestic.
2.  Grown Ups 2 -This is an Adam Sandler franchise with just the right mix. $42.5 million.
3.  Pacific RimGuillermo del Toro movie slightly disappoints with just  $38.3 million.
4.  The Heat – $14 million this weekend, but $112 million domestically.
5.  The Lone Ranger – $11.1 million. This summer’s biggest turkey.
6.  Monster’s University – $10.6 million with $237 million in domestic business to date.
7.  World War ZBrad Pitt’s biggest money maker in years takes in $9.4 million.
8.  White House Down – A big let down and box office bomb. This weekend, it collected  just $6.15 million.
9.  Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain – $5 million for a stand up film isn’t bad at all.
10.  Man of Steel – At least Warner Bros. has Superman to bail them out! $4.825 million.

In the following media clip, Steve Carell (the voice of Despicable Me 2’s Gru), explains why he never envisioned himself as a comedic actor:

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