The Conjuring Filmmaker James Wan (Saw, Insidious) directs The Conjuring, the true story of paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren’s (Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga) horrific and supposedly supernatural experience with a family in Harrisville, Rhode Island. Lili Taylor and Ron Livingston are the heads of households and the possible victims of a haunted house.

Taylor has had a steady career since the 1980s, and over the years she’s turned in stellar work in Mystic Pizza, Dogfight, The Addiction, Illtown and, who could forget, I Shot Andy Warhol.

But times are changing, as television has also afforded the actress a wealth of good material, something she experienced during her run on HBO’s True Blood.  Now she is open to doing work on both mediums.

“I think what Netflix is doing is very exciting,” said Taylor, who starred in the Netflix series Hemlock Grove. “I think we’re seeing that it doesn’t matter what form they’re on or what platform they’re on, it’s the content that really matters. I’m looking forward to seeing how we can keep adapting and exploring and figuring this out.”

Along with The Conjuring, Taylor will also be seen later this year in the freshman Fox series Almost Human with Karl Urban, Michael Ealy and Minka Kelly.  Taylor describes the new show as not just a by the numbers procedural, saying its tone is more like a “one-act play.”

Whether it’s television, movies, or even plays, Taylor is also pondering a directing career – click on the media bar and listen to the actress explains why she’d love to be a filmmaker.

The Conjuring opens July 19.

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