Crystal Fairy (IFC)If you think Michael Cera’s artistic range is boxed into a Bluth or Scott Pilgrim universe, think again. As witnessed with his scene stealing work (as he does a hilarious send-up of himself)  in This is the End, Cera is adept at playing absolute jackasses.

With director Sebastian Silva’s evocative and subtly heartbreaking Crystal Fairy, Cera plays a mean spirited and narrow minded tourist whose sole goal is to cook and imbibe the juice of the San Pedro cactus. Accompanying him on his Chilean road trip are several friends and an unpredictable free spirit aptly named Crystal Fairy (Gaby Hoffman), and it’s her live and let live philosophy which consistently grates on Cera’s character.

Mr. Cera shot Crystal Fairy and the horror film Magic Magic with Silva, and their collaboration proved to be a productive creative journey for the two artists.

“It wasn’t like any other working experience I’ve had,” said Cera. “There’s not like (assistant directors) constantly keeping tabs on where you are. On a movie set, actors are such a liability. If you walk to get a coffee, there’s someone who walks with you and says ‘Yeah, I got him over here, he’s coming!’ This was more like hanging out with friends. It was great. It was really fun.”

During the movie’s final act, Sebastian Silva used one of my favorite Henry Mancini songs, “Two For The Road.” The entire track plays throughout an evocative beach sequence in which Cera and his adventurers experience a few moments of an emotional euphoria.

Click on the media bar to hear Sebastian Silva talk about using the beautiful song “Two for the Road” in Crystal Fairy.

To check out a sample of Mancini’s score for the film Two for the Road (the flick stars Audrey Hepburn and Albert Finney), check out the late composer’s official website.

Crystal Fairy hits theaters and VOD on July 12.

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posted by Greg Srisavasdi