RED 2 (Summit Entertainment, CR: Frank Masi)Actress Mary-Louise Parker may best be known to cable fans for her successful and acclaimed run on Showtime’s Weeds, but she also has had a long running passion for the theater.  During the press conference for Red 2, the actress talked about the “repertory” feel she had with her fellow co-stars Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, and Helen Mirren.

“It doesn’t usually happen in movies,” said Parker. “And it did on this one. Especially Bruce, and John and I…the three of us. Because we spent the most time together and it’s always us and when Helen shows up anywhere. But the three of us, we’re just kind of this unlikely, little trio that happens to, for whatever reason, we kind of blend together super well and we can just hang out. It’s kind of a weird little mix of people but it kind of works and it does feel like more of a repertory situation or more like you’re coming back to do scenes with somebody who you have a shorthand with and it’s fun.”

Click on the media bar to hear Mary-Louise Parker talk about her bond with co-star Bruce Willis, who she describes as a “lovely and manly” guy:

Red 2, directed by Galaxy Quest filmmaker Dean Parisot, opens July 19.

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