MAN OF STEEL (Warner Bros.)

Henry Cavill is the lead in Man of Steel, revered filmmaker Christopher Nolan is its producer, and David S. Goyer is the screenwriter. Although each element serve an integral piece to the film’s puzzle, the person who puts everything together is director Zack Snyder.

Although he’s shot such graphic novel based epics as 300 and Watchmen (along with his passion project Sucker Punch), Mr. Snyder journeys into near hallowed territory by taking on one of comic book’s most beloved heroes.

To date, the film has made a total of $400 million at the box office, with $116 million of that figure collected domestically. It’s a total score for Snyder and his fellow crew members (as well as Warner Bros.). During the press conference for Man of Steel, Mr. Snyder laid out his personal vision for the film.

Click on the media bar below to hear Mr. Snyder’s personal and “unapologetic” take on Man of Steel:

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