Only God Forgives (Radius TWC) Ryan Gosling played the hero in director Nicolas Winding Refn’s visually compelling dreamscape Drive, and now he’s front and center once again with Only God Forgives.

Only this time, Gosling may not come out of this storyline a survivor, as he plays a drug dealer/boxing club manager who, under the orders of his crime lord mom (Kristin Scott Thomas), must exact revenge on the men who murdered his brother.

Unfortunately, the dead man wasn’t exactly a pillar of society, as his demise originates from his killing a prostitute. Seeking justice for a debased human being is not some heroic quest, and one would assume Refn’s violent tale will end on a very depressing note.

The new green band trailer for Only God Forgives has just been released. Tell us what you think of the video and chime in on whether you will pay good money to see this feature, which opens in select theaters July 19th.

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