Absolute Deception (Sony Pictures Home Entertainment)

Oscar winning actor Cuba Gooding Jr. plays an FBI agent who travels to Australia’s Gold Coast to search for the killers of his informant in the straight to DVD title Absolute Deception.

Emmanuelle Vaugier (Saw II, Saw IV) is the dead man’s widow, a magazine reporter who thought her husband actually died several years ago. Realizing that her spouse led a double life, she’s a bit traumatized to lose her soulmate for the second time.

The chemistry/repartee from Gooding Jr. and Vaugier keep Absolute Deception a watchable, if not unremarkable, experience. But what does one really expect from low budget action thrillers? Being a Gooding Jr. fan since his Boyz n the Hood days, I actually dig watching him in B-level stuff like Absolute Deception and the previous Sony release The Hit List.

His character is an FBI agent who’s a big worse for wear, and it’s a role that Gooding Jr. handles with ease. Vaugier, who’s had recurring roles in Two and a Half Men and CSI: NY, is always a pleasure to watch. The superficial side of me will also add that she looks wonderful in a bikini (the picture has a brief pool sequence between the two leads), but I’m sure for you, dear reader, that’s neither here nor there.

At 92 minutes, Absolute Deception (Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, R) is not exactly the best work of either actor, but that doesn’t mean the picture doesn’t have a few memorable moments. Having Gooding Jr. casually tell Vaugier that the only discovered body part of his husband is a torn off finger is a personal highlight.

No special features for Absolute Deception, but the movie is worth a look if you’re a fan of either headliner (or want to see shots of Australia’s Gold Coast, where the movie was shot).

Check out an action scene from the film, where Cuba Gooding Jr. gets his clock cleaned by a bad guy and Vaugier almost gets speared:

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