Brian De Palma Explores Cinematic ‘Passion’ with Rachel McAdams & Noomi Rapace

Passion (eOne Films US)

Brian De Palma (The Black Dahlia) has always been one of cinema’s most controversial filmmakers. Cinephiles will either passionately love and defend or work while detractors claim he’s too derivative and consistently steals from Alfred Hitchcock.

I fall in the former category, as Mr. De Palma has crafted some of the more inventive and arresting visually driven narratives (including Carrie, Dressed to Kill, Blow Out, and the woefully overlooked Femme Fatale) to grace the silver screen.

His latest work Passion, starring Noomi Rapace and Rachel McAdams, comes out on Ultra VOD August 1st and August 30th in theatres. Based on the 2010 feature Love Crimes, the story centers on the battle of wills between an advertising executive (McAdams) and her assistant (Rapace). Since it’s a De Palma feature, a bit of deceit and murder (all framed in beautifully shot sequences, of course) to be par for the course.

Being a huge De Palma nut, I still hold onto an interview the filmmaker did with radio for the Femme Fatale press junket. During the interview, he explained why he didn’t have too much visual or musical references littering his domicile. For the filmmaker, having outside influences will only cloud his craft.

Click on the media bar and listen to Mr. De Palma talk about keeping his cinematic vision clear from any distractions: 

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Posted by Greg Srisavasdi

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